Friday 2 December 2016

Penultimate Physiotherapy Appointment???

I did mean to write this post last Friday, but I've been struggling a lot with severe fatigue. I've not been able to get much done at all, because I've been falling asleep in the day time, and it has been very difficult to rouse me and keep me awake. I did see the GP about this recently and had some blood tests (only for B12, Folates, and Full Blood Count though?). My B12 came back low again, but the GP wants to see if I can increase it by altering my diet. If in three months it's still low, I'll be prescribed B12 tablets. I'm not completely happy with this, as my Vitamin D tends to frequently be low, and TSH tends to be high, (and neither were tested) but I guess I can wait three months and ask for more tests if I'm still having severe fatigue.

Ok, onto my physio appointment! Please read my recent post Bendy Life if you want to catch up.

My second appointment was a surprisingly quick one! The physiotherapist asked how I'd been getting on with my exercises and if I'd bought/been using the insole arch supports. I said that I'd been coping well with the exercises (with not too much pain during) but hadn't found any real improvement with my dislocating left knee. She decided to make one of the exercises slightly harder, in the hopes that it will do more to strengthen my muscles. It did hurt a bit more, when I tried it out, but not an unreasonable amount *insert cheesy joke about No Pain, No Gain here*

She also tried me with Kinesiology tape. At first, she wanted to use more conventional tape (I'm not sure of the proper name for this) but I told her about how easily my skin rips and bruises with tape such as micropore. She said the conventional tape definitely wouldn't suit me then! The Kinesiology tape suited me very well, and I've ordered some to use at home or on extra bendy days.  She showed me how to apply the tape around and under my kneecap. I found it really helped support my knee, and it didn't constantly feel as if it would dislocate. Believe me, this felt like such a relief! Having to think about every step you make, in order to avoid subluxations/dislocations, is not fun!

The session pretty much ended after this! I was very surprised, as the last one was so much longer. The physiotherapist also asked if I wanted another appointment. It seemed that she wanted this to be the last session; which I found really surprising! If I remember correctly, at my Orthopaedic assessment, it was recommended that I have physiotherapy long term. I did ask for another appointment after Christmas; to give me time to see if there's any improvement. I think this might be my last appointment though! I was too taken aback to really say anything about that, but I went home very confused. I'd have understood if I had noticed a lot of improvement, but hardly a thing had changed since my last appointment!

Have you had a very short programme of physiotherapy, when you were under the impression you'd be having a long term one? Is there any reason why? Please comment below.



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