Saturday 11 May 2024

It's been over 2 years??!!

 It seems I have taken a MUCH longer break from blogging than I intended to! My previous post was back in September 2021!

I apologise for forgetting to write part 2 of the previous post. As it has been so long, I will update you on life in general, instead of following up on that post specifically.

I'm still doing my Psychology Masters! I had to take two 6 month leave of absences, as well as deferring or retaking some modules. The main reasons for this were my own health relapses (and a surprise Pulmonary Embolism in 2022!) and health decline in my family. It has been overwhelming, to say the least, but I am pleased that I persevered with my MSc and made it to the dissertation stage! The university has been amazing. They were so understanding of my situation and encouraged me not to give up (something I had considered on multiple occasions!). Maybe I will make Clinical Psychologist some day? I have no idea how I will physically manage it or how my health conditions will be in the future, but I'm doing what I can to at least get the qualifications and knowledge to give myself a bit of a chance.

There are various things I want to explain/update on, which I will do in separate posts as and when possible. I won't make any promises as to the timescale, as clearly I can't commit to regular posting at the moment. There will possibly be links below, to posts on each topic; as I write them. 

This is just a quick post, to assure you that my blog is still active, and I will get back to writing again when things are a little less...chaotic (?)...