Tuesday 18 October 2016

My Not-CBT Therapy Session

(Please see my blog posts entitled Let's Try This Again , and Let's Try This Again: Part Two to catch up, before reading this latest post).

So, the wait for therapy turned out to be much less than the 10 weeks I was told to expect! I was very surprised, but glad that I could be seen soon. I've been teetering on the edge of crisis, so have really needed help as soon as possible. The place, where I was to have therapy, was a little further away than I expected, but all slots had been filled in clinics nearer my home. Fortunately my dad could take me pretty much any time though; so getting there wasn't a problem.

I was dreading it on the day. I was under the impression (from the therapist on the phone) that I would be going through CBT yet again. This would be the 4th time, after 3 times with little or no improvement! Thankfully it turned out to be more of an assessment with a mental health nurse (who was also trained in various non-CBT based therapies). This session was very very different to what I expected, and the nurse seemed to pick up on a lot of things about me, when I spoke about various problems I have, things that've happened etc. He decided that CBT wasn't really the appropriate type of therapy for me, and that Interpersonal Therapy would suit me more. He's given me some information about this type of therapy, and I get to decide at the next session (31st October) whether I want to go ahead with it & continue with him as my therapist.

I wanted to talk about this appointment, and how I was feeling, as soon as I possibly could once I'd got back home. If you've read my Quick Announcement post, then you will know that I have now started vlogging about my chronic mental and physical illnesses. I decided to talk about this session in more detail by vlogging about it. The vlog is entitled First Therapy Session That Wasn't CBT!!! If you enjoy my vlogs, please share and subscribe!

I may write a short blog about my next therapy session, but want to vlog again to give more detail. I'd like this blog and my vlogs to complement each other, & I am hoping this works out well.

Thanks for reading, and please comment below if you have any suggestions!

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