Friday 28 June 2013

Blah etc

I was going to write a few tweets instead but I figured a blog post would probably be better/make more sense.

I'm all over the place today, it's almost funny if I wasn't such a bitch today lol. Today has been a bit of a rush though, and it is very difficult to rush when you have a chronic illness!

I needed to get my sick note today to send off so I can continue getting ESA. So far my doctor's only been doing 4 week ones. I'm not sure how long you can get one for and surely "until I'm on the correct treatment!" doesn't qualify as a valid timescale for being sick haha. I've been all forgetful, confused, low and I guess a bit anxious so mum rang the surgery for me bless her. We thought it'd be good to try for an 8 week sick note so I don't have to keep sending notes quite as often. Luckily the doctor was fine with that.

I've been ridiculously tired. Literal zombie mode. I woke up (about half 11 oops!) to mum yelling to me to say I had half an hour to get up and get to the doctors to pick up the sick note. The surgery is closed for lunch between 12 and 1 and dad has to work after that time so I have to make it before then. No idea how I managed to make it in time as I'm extremely achy today. My legs feel really weak too.

Once I'd got all my papers together and in the dwp envelope I walked to the post box. I think that's around 20 metres (if that) from my door but my legs felt so weak, and I felt so dizzy that I had to borrow mum's stick. I've had to use it 2 or 3 times recently because of the weakness. I only use it if I absolutely have to because it really makes the nerve pains in my shoulders flare up. I've tried adjusting the height to make it more comfortable but it doesn't do much. It's my Atos assessment 8th July so I'm guessing I should declare that I have to use a stick very occasionally? It feels like my fibro is getting worse :S

Anyway, I get home from posting my sick note and now I feel very confused, worn out and dizzy. I can't concentrate on a lot. My shoulder kills as well! I guess it's better to deal with the nerve pains than to fall over on the way to the post box though.

Good job I didn't try to tweet that, I would've spammed everyone's feeds! I better go rest, I hope this made sense, the grammar's all over the place!

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